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Best Offensive Lineman Options for the Vikings in the 2019 NFL Draft

By: Cody Eastman
March 14th, 2019

The Minnesota Vikings hold the 18th pick in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, and they are looking to improve their roster in a lot of areas. One of those areas could very well be the offensive line. This 2019 draft class is littered with talent when it comes to offensive lineman. If the Vikings are looking to upgrade their offensive line through the draft, they’re going to have plenty of options.

Here is a look at 5 of the top offensive lineman options that the Minnesota Vikings can choose from in the 2019 NFL Draft:

1. Jonah Williams, Alabama | Height: 6-5, Weight: 301 lbs | OT

Jonah Williams has great size and agility to keep up with some of the best NFL defensive lineman. His technique and footwork are among the best in the country. Williams often gets knocked for his arm length, but what he lacks in arm length, he makes up for in agility. He would be a great pick if the Vikings could get him at 18, and he could be an immediate starter for them at tackle.

2. Cody Ford, Oklahoma | Height: 6-4, Weight: 338 | OT, OG

Cody Ford’s burst off the snap is like nobody else’s in this draft. With his rare combination of size and athleticism, Ford has the ability to make an immediate impact for the Vikings. He played for Oklahoma, who won the Joe Moore Award (best offensive line in college football). Ford played both left guard and right tackle for the Sooners, so we know that he is versatile and can help in different ways. If he is not taken before the Vikings pick, Cody Ford will be hard to pass up on.

3. Jawaan Taylor, Florida | Height: 6-5, Weight: 328 | OT

Jawaan Taylor is an experienced offensive tackle who has the potential to be an immediate starter in the NFL. He mostly played right tackle at Florida, but also spent some time playing left tackle as well. Taylor was named All-SEC Second Team in his final year at Florida. His footwork is outstanding and his athleticism is off the charts. The Vikings could plug him in at tackle to start right away.

4. Dalton Risner, Kansas State | Height: 6-5, Weight: 308 | OT, C

Dalton Risner is one of the grittiest offensive lineman in this draft class. Having experience at both center and right tackle makes him that much more desirable. His physicality really comes out in his run-blocking. There are some questions about his footwork and pass-blocking ability, but with proper coaching, Risner has all the potential to be an elite lineman in the NFL. If he is available at 18, this would be a great pick for the Vikings, plus; he’s used to wearing purple, so it’d be an easy transition.

5. Andre Dillard, Washington State | Height: 6-5, Weight: 310 | OT

As one of the most athletic offensive lineman in this draft class, Andre Dillard has crept his way into mid first round talks. His pass-blocking ability is undeniable, having only allowed ONE sack in his collegiate career. As far as run-blocking, he still has some room to improve. With his athleticism and a good coach who will help clean up his mechanical issues, there’s no doubt that he can be great in the run game as well as the pass. Dillard has the ability to make an immediate impact at the tackle position, and it would be a great pick for the Vikings at 18.

Each of these prospects would be a great choice for the Minnesota Vikings if they are looking to choose an offensive lineman in the first round. There is no guarantee that they will be available at 18, but if you know anything about Rick Spielman, you know that he is very capable of moving up or down in the draft to get what he wants. Pay attention to these names because they could end up holding that purple and gold jersey in Nashville, TN.

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  1. Excellant commentary! Very good assessment of the offensive linemen in the draft! Eugene