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Potential Back-Up QB Options for the Vikings

By: AJ Condon
March 20, 2019
As the season is getting closer and closer, and free agency is getting thinner, the Minnesota Vikings might have yet another position they need to fill.

The back-up quarterback position is up for grabs after Trevor Siemian, former back-up for Kirk Cousins, signed with the New York Jets, who seem to love ex-Viking players this offseason. As of now, the Vikings only have one other quarterback on their roster besides Cousins, and that is Kyle Sloter.

Sloter has never played a regular season game in the purple and gold, but has seen plenty of time in the preseason. Sloter has had two seasons with the Vikings and has played in all eight of his preseason games. He has thrown for seven touchdowns, 779 yards and zero interceptions while completing about 73% of his throws.

Now that Siemian has taken it out of the Vikings' hands about his fate, the Vikings now have to either look at free agency or the draft if they don't think Sloter is ready to be the number two option.

After the first few waves of free agency went by, most of the quarterbacks on the market already signed to their new, or former, team. A few key signings were: Nick Foles to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Teddy Bridgewater back to the New Orleans Saints, and Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Miami Dolphins.

That doesn't leave many options for the Vikings to sign, especially with their current salary cap and offensive line needs. It wasn't until earlier today that the Vikings finally made their first move into fixing the offensive line problems by signing Josh Kline, story to come later.

That means, the Vikings will most likely look for a quarterback in the upcoming draft. With the offensive line still the top issue at hand, here are some possible late-round quarterbacks the Vikings could draft.

Kyle Shurmur, yes he is the son of ex-Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, was the quarterback at Vanderbilt and has been the starter there for the last three seasons. He was able to increase his accuracy in each season and finished his senior season completing 63% of his throws for 3,130 yards and 24 touchdowns with only six interceptions.

Shurmur is a 6' 3" quarterback who is able to work through his progressions in a timely fashion. However, just like Cousins, Shurmur hasn't been too lucky with his offensive line and tends to panic when it starts to collapse. When given the time, Shurmur can make tight and accurate throws especially in the intermediate part of the field.

Tyree Jackson, was the quarterback at Buffalo and is a bigger bodied guy at 6' 7". Jackson threw for 49 touchdowns and just under 7,000 yards in his 32 games for Buffalo. The pros of Jackson is that he is a two-way player and has the build of a NFL quarterback. However, he isn't the most reliable or consistent quarterback. He sometimes struggles with his accuracy, which is shown in his 56% completion rate in college, and isn't the best against zone defenses.

How Jackson would fit in with the Vikings is with his awareness and poise. The Vikings have shown in recent seasons that you can't get too comfortable in the pocket, and you need to make decisions quicker. Jackson is able to move in the pocket, but also won't entirely panic if he feels the rush coming.

The last quarterback who I think the Vikings could look at in the draft is Easton Stick who played at North Dakota State University. Stick played all four years and threw for about 8,700 yards 88 touchdowns with 28 interceptions. Stick is able to be used as a dual-threat quarterback and can make something happen after the play is broken up.

He is more like Shurmur in size coming in at 6' 2" and is a very quick while moving. He finished first among the quarterbacks in the 3-cone drill and the 20-yard shuffle. He also isn't the most accurate or consistent quarterback in the draft, but offers a low-risk player in the late rounds or even after the draft. With some competition in the preseason, Stick can turn into a more reliable and confident thrower moving forward.

I would love to see Sloter move into the roll of second-string quarterback and be ready if something were to happen to Cousins during the season. He won't be able to string together a NFC championship run like Case Keenum did when he came in, but he could surprise some people if he gets the chance.

It also wouldn't hurt to draft one of these guys to give some competition for each other for that number two spot on the roster.