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Adam Thielen Signs 4-year extension

Adam Thielen Signs 4 Year Extension

Adam Thielen Has a Little History with the Cincinnati Bengals
By:Preet Shah
April 12th, 2019
Photo Credit: Kyle Hansen

    On the afternoon of April 12th, the Minnesota Vikings announced that they have signed Adam Thielen to a 4-year extension worth 64 Million with up to 73 million in incentives. This extension comes as no surprise to anyone as Thielen lead the Vikings in receiving yards this past season when he totaled 1,373 on 113 catches. It was only a matter of time that this extension had come as Thielen was projected to make just under 6 million making him the 48th highest paid receiver in the NFL. Not much is currently known about the contract other than the fact that only 35 million of the deal is guaranteed but I would assume that his base salary would decrease for this year given the lack of cap space currently possessed by the Vikings and then it will ramp up in the coming years.

    In my personal opinion, this is a fantastic deal for both sides. With the recent player holdouts over contract negotiations, it is extremely refreshing for a fan favorite player and a team to reach a deal that both sides can agree upon. Once again Spielman and Brzezinski get their man as they have locked up a key member of their core for 4 more years. With the lower guarantees, I would also anticipate that most of the deal has the money front loaded so that the team can restructure later down the road if they would need to. As for Thielen he finally got the payday he deserved after all the adversity he has faced at every level of play. I feel as though he may have taken a little bit of a “hometown discount” to stay in Minnesota but in the end, he still got the money that was long overdue. We as Vikings fans are huge winners of this deal as we get to see a Minnesotan represent his home state team at the highest level. As always leave any comments or questions below and Skol Vikes.