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                                                          Vikings 1st Round 2020 Mock Draft

Well everyone, the 2020 NFL Draft is nearly upon us. In a time where there is so much craziness going on in the world, it’s good to have something sports related to get pumped about. Besides the obvious excitement of the NFL draft, Vikings fans have an extra reason to be excited because they have two picks in the first round. They own their original pick of 25 along with the 22nd pick in the draft that was acquired from Buffalo and the Stefon Diggs trade. There are a lot of routes the Vikings could go in this year’s draft, including trading up or trading down in the first round, although looking at GM Rick Spielman’s track record trading down is more likely. I will make my predictions for the Vikings first round draft picks as if they stay put with having the number 22 and 25 picks.

Round 1 Pick 22: Jaylon Johnson CB Utah

Minnesota has an obvious need at cornerback after losing multiple starters this off-season due to free agency. Johnson is seen as someone who could potentially come in and immediately help fill the void at that position and make an impact week one. There are other cornerbacks Minnesota could look at with significant upside as well, but Johnson’s combination of size speed and toughness is something Mike Zimmer loves in a defensive back and would hate to pass up.

Round 1 Pick 25: Austin Jackson OT USC

Many of you are probably thinking if the Vikings don’t draft a WR at the 22nd spot they need take one here at 25, but I don’t necessarily believe that to be true. There’s no question that receiver is a position of need, but so is offensive line. With a talent like Jackson still on the board, Spielman and company take a chance on a guy they believe can be an pillar on the offensive line for years to come. While at USC, Jackson only gave up 4 sacks while being on the field for more than 500 pass attempts, and Minnesota would love to see that kind of protection for their quarterback Kirk Cousins, whom they just signed to an extension this offseason.